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Maintaining Health, Fitness, Strength & Energy!

The concept to put together 416GEAR.ca came to us in early 2013! We grew tired of seeing so much of the population wearing the same type of clothing. We had enough of the overpriced name brand style that had been going on for years. So we decided to create a store that would offer something different. Something that people would find to be both unique and enjoyable.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Our team

416GEAR is a Toronto, Ontario based business.

You will find most ot the top fitness gym with the down Toronto area. For eample: Yoga, spin classess, boot camps, boxing, martial arts, crossfit etc.


Your endurance will be greatly increased. Your mile time on your run/walk will drop by 2 minutes. Between Boot Camp and my diet, you will be on track to meeting my goals!

Health, Fitness

People are amazed the workouts are tough but fun, and that I will see results if I stuck with it. Sure enough, after two month-long sessions, your core will be stronger than ever, which has improves speed, strength and energy efficiency.

Strength & Energy